Alabama Senate Votes To Ban Transgender Treatment (Child Abuse) For Minors

Some good news out of Alabama.

The Alabama senate passes a bill banning child abuse on minors, also called transgender treatments on minors.

Stuff like this will trigger the communist atheists and the social liberals. Transgenderism is an illness and a disease and the sodomite and tranny perverts want to pervert the next generation of children and turn them into sodomites and fags.

And I don’t care who gets offended over me saying that, because your little feelings don’t dictate my free speech.

Most communist atheists and social liberals are used to dealing with the Westboro Baptist Church and all the stupid stuff they say.


The Alabama Senate today passed a bill that would ban puberty-blocking, hormone medications, and surgeries as transgender treatments for people under age 19.

The bill, passed by a vote of 23-4. It moves to the House of Representatives, which has a similar bill.

Sen. Shay Shelnutt, R-Trussville, the sponsor of the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, began discussion of his bill today by reading a couple of definitions of gender dysphoria. Then he gave his own.

“What is gender dysphoria?” Shelnutt said. “I looked it up. According to the Mayo Clinic. It’s a feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people who have gender identify different from their sex at birth. Another definition is a term that describes a sense of unease that a person may have whose gender identity differs from their birth sex.

“My definition: Someone thinks they should be a girl if they’re a boy or thinks they should be a boy if they’re a girl,” Shelnutt said. “Science shows that children that are going through this gender dysphoria, most of them mature or grow out of this stage if they are given the chance. So why is (this bill) needed? It’s just to stop these surgeries and these drugs on our children. It’s to protect our children. That’s my simple explanation.”

Parents and advocates lobbied against the bill at a State House rally today. The Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics opposes the bill. In a position statement, the organization said surgeries are not done on minors and that puberty-blockers and hormones are used as part of an evidence-based standard of care.

Sen. Bobby Singleton, D-Greensboro, said the legislation would interfere with how families and medical professionals can help children struggling with gender dysphoria.

“We don’t want the state in our business,” Singleton said. “But we want to put the state into the family all the time.”

Singleton predicted the law would be challenged in a federal court lawsuit like the abortion ban the Legislature passed in 2019.

Shelnutt said he was not aware of the issue until the bill was presented to him more than a year ago.

“I didn’t think this was going on in Alabama, had no idea,” Shelnutt said. “I’ve been educated since then. I just think it’s wrong for this to happen to children. Children aren’t mature enough to make this decision on on surgeries and drugs. The whole point is to protect kids.”

Shelnutt said he was not aware of any transgender surgeries happening in Alabama but wanted to make sure none did.

Tranny child surgeries are nothing but a form of child abuse.

Alabama is correct to ban tranny surgeries.

Cross-dressers are an abomination to God.

Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV) – “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

The Hebrew word for “abomination” is “תּוֹעֵבַה” or “toebah” (transliterated) which means something disgusting (morally), that is, an abhorrence.

It’s interesting that this verse says that the cross-dressers themselves are the abomination, not just the sin of cross dressing.

Some quick facts about transgender freaks:

● From 2009 to 2014, 2,351 transgender “people” received an HIV diagnosis in the United States.
● Among the 3 million HIV testing events reported to CDC in 2017, the percentage of trannies who received a new HIV diagnosis was 3 times the national average.
● Tranny “women” who have sex with men are among the groups at highest risk for HIV infection.


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