Islamic Jihadist In The UK Expressed A Desire To Hunt Down Sodomite Perverts

Islam is a satanic, violent, pagan cult, but the Islamic condemnation of the perverted sin of homosexuality is an area of doctrine that Islam is correct on.

An Islamic Jihadist in the UK expressed a desire, in a pro-ISIS group chat, to hunt down sodomites.

Homosexuality is unnatural (Romans 1:26-27), and perverted.


An alleged terror plotter said he wanted to “hunt down” gay people in the UK, a court has heard.

Sahayb Abu, 27, denies planning an atrocity and told the Old Bailey he was just “flexing his muscles” in a pro-Isis chat group.

The court heard that in a message posted to a private group on the encrypted Telegram app, Mr Abu wrote that he had “panic attacks” when he saw gay people, adding: “I need to hunt them down.”

In another message, he wrote that he “saw a woman-man thing and almost battered them” while walking down a road near his home in London.

The jury was read messages where Mr Abu called Barack Obama the “LGBT president” and called gay people “disgusting”.

While being questioned by prosecutor John McGuinness QC on Monday, Mr Abu admitted writing the messages but said they did not represent his real views or intentions.

He said he brought up the subject to be a “bad boy” in the pro-Isis chat group, adding: “I’m bringing it up as an ego trip on my behalf … just to flex my muscles.”

Mr Abu said the story about walking past someone he wanted to “batter” had been fake, and that he believed all life was sacred.

“I don’t find them disgusting at all,” he added, telling jurors that he was once kissed by a man in London’s Heaven nightclub, and told him “I’m not gay, sir”.

Mr Abu is accused of planning a terror attack in the UK after being released from prison following a burglary sentence in March 2020, after buying a sword, knife, combat vest and gloves online.

The court heard that two of his half-brothers, Wail and Suleyman Aweys, are believed to have died after joining Isis in Syria in 2015.

It makes sense that he called Obama a sodomite.

Obama very well could have been the first sodomite president.

(The following rant is free of charge):

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama was against sodomite “marriage”, and rightly so, however, he still supported other forms of so-called sodomite “rights” including forcing the military to cater to sodomites by lifting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the law that banned open expressions of being a fag in the military.

During his first term as president (2009-2012), Obama at least opposed same-sex “marriage” but during his re-election campaign, Obama said his views on same-sex “marriage” had “evolved” and he said that sodomite couples should be allowed to get married.

When the Supreme court legalized sodomite “marriage” in 2015, Obama tweeted out “love wins” and lit the white house up with the sodomite rainbow.

White House lights with rainbow colors - CNNPolitics

Obama also pushed for the legalization homosexuality in African nations. Obama spent over $700 million promoting homosexuality oversees.

(This concludes this free rant).

Islam is a satanic violent cult, and ISIS is indeed a violent murderous cult (that works for the Vatican and is funded by the U.S.) but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Some quick facts about fags:

Sodomite men are 60x more likely to have HIV than straight men.

Sodomites are more likely than straight people to have mental illness.

In 2010, homosexuals were about 200 times more likely than everyone else to be diagnosed with HIV.

Sodomite men are 15 times more likely to have Hepatitis B than everyone else.

Infection rates for gonorrhoea and chlamydia are increasing among active sodomite men.

Active homosexual men are 17 times more likely than straight people to have anal cancer.

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