Buddhists Ban The Burqa And Shut Down More Than 1000 Islamic Schools In Sri Lanka

Don’t get me wrong, Buddhism and Islam are both satanic and demonic and are both forms of devil worship, but it says something when even adherents of an actual religion of peace like Buddhism can’t get along with Muslims either.

Read more at Bare Naked Islam: https://barenakedislam.com/2021/03/15/sri-lanka-buddhists-ban-burqa-while-shutting-down-more-than-1000-islamic-schools/

Over in Sri Lanka, the Muslim-Buddhist conflict has been raging.

Just to be clear, we are not taking any sides, Buddhism and Islam are both satanic, and this is just one form of Satanism (Buddhism) fighting another form of Satanism (Islam). Just like over in India with the Muslim-Hindu conflict, it’s just one form of Satanism (Hinduism) fighting another form of Satanism (Islam). The Catholic crusades were the same, it was one form of Satanism (Catholicism) fighting another form of Satanism (Islam). Another good example is the persecution of Muslims in atheist China, it was one form of Satanism (atheism) fighting another form of Satanism (Islam).

So we are not taking either side.

Al Jazeera:

Sri Lanka’s government says it will ban the wearing of the burqa, a full-body veil that covers the face as well, and close more than 1,000 Islamic schools, the latest actions affecting the country’s minority Muslim population.

Separately, the government on Saturday announced using a controversial anti-terror law to deal with religious “extremism” and gave itself sweeping powers to detain suspects for up to two years for “deradicalisation”.Minister for Public Security Sarath Weerasekera told a news conference he had signed a paper on Friday for cabinet approval to ban the burqa – an outer garment that covers the entire body and the face and is worn by some Muslim women – on “national security” grounds.

“In our early days, Muslim women and girls never wore the burqa,” he said. “It is a sign of religious extremism that came about recently. We are definitely going to ban it.”

The minister said he signed documents outlawing the burqa, but they need to be approved by the cabinet of ministers and Parliament where the government has a two-thirds majority to see its bills through.

Weerasekera also said the government plans to ban more than 1,000 Islamic schools that he said were flouting national education policy.

“Nobody can open a school and teach whatever you want to the children,” he said.

The government’s moves on burqas and schools follow an order last year mandating the cremation of COVID-19 victims – against the wishes of Muslims, who bury their dead.

This ban was lifted earlier this year after criticism from the United States and international rights groups.

Shreen Saroor, a Sri Lankan peace and women’s rights activist, said the moves come “at a time when the Muslim community has been constantly targeted”.

“It’s part of the Islamophobic reaction in Sri Lanka,” Saroor told Al Jazeera from the capital, Colombo.

“The compulsory cremation policy was revised, and now we hear so many other measures to some form of punishing the Muslim community,” she added, noting that Muslims in the country were not consulted in advance.

Citing the fact that the wearing of the mask has been made compulsory in the country during the coronavirus pandemic, Saroor said the burqa “looks [like] a very political revenge move”.

The wearing of the burqa in the majority-Buddhist nation was temporarily banned in 2019 after the Easter Sunday bombing of churches and hotels by armed fighters that killed more than 250 people.

The move drew a mixed response, with activists saying it “violated Muslim women’s right to practise their religion freely”.

There is some truth to this.

Wherever Islam goes, terrorism, murder, and bloodshed follow close behind.

That being said, as a Christian, I support religious liberty and freedom for everyone, and I am completely against banning the Hijab or Niqab, because at that point, the government it becoming way too authoritarian and such a measure is a blatant violation of separation of church and state (plus, I will admit that I like seeing Muslim women dressed modestly and I would rather live in a Neighborhood full of modestly dressed Muslim women in Hijabs and Niqabs than a Neighborhood full of “liberated women” dressed like harlots and prostitutes via their degenerate short shorts and revealing T-Shirts).

Modesty is the best policy for women.

Sadly, the way that even some conservative women dress today would make a prostitute from the early 1900s blush. Prostitutes back in the 1900s dressed more modestly than some so-called conservative women.

All that to say this, Islam is Satanic, Buddhism is also Satanic, and true liberty and freedom is only found through Jesus Christ, not Muhammad or Buddha.

Jesus Christ is not just a historical religious figure, Jesus Christ is the key to a personal relationship with God (1 Peter 3:18-22, 1 Peter 4:12-14, 1 Timothy 6:12-16, Ephesians 6:14-20, Philippians 3:8-11).

Muhammad and Buddha are both dead, but Jesus Christ is alive.

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