Europeans Resisting Islamic Terrorism And The Satanic, Violent, Bloody, Demonic False Religion Of Islam

Across Europe, ever since the satanic bloody demonic Jesuit order flooded Europe with hundreds of thousands of Islamic “refugees” there has been an uprising across Europe to oppose Islamic terrorism and the satanic violent bloody demonic false religion of Islam.

The only regrettable part is how none of these anti-Islam groups seem to realize that it’s the fault of the Jesuit order that their European countries are being ravaged by Islamic migrants. Roman Catholicism and the Jesuit order is satanic and demonic and they caused all the influx of Islamic migrants to Europe via their crusades in the Middle East in which the Jesuits use the American military to fight their crusades.

In Poland, Islamic terrorists don’t have a single foothold.

Over in the Czech Republic, Islamic terrorists don’t have any foothold either.

Germans are also refusing to give foothold to Islamic terrorism.

Even people in the United Kingdom are refusing to give any grounds to Islamic terrorists.

There are plenty of other examples of Europeans standing up for their European culture against Islamic terrorism.

Just wanted to share some examples.

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