Study Finds That Transgenderism Is NOT Supported By Science

An article from the Daily Wire shows a study that proves that transgenderism is not supported by science.

According to a report published in the New Atlantis, (archived copy here) transgenderism has ZERO grounds or basis in science.

The Daily Wire:

Former Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Paul R. McHugh and Arizona State University professor of statistics and biostatistics Lawrence S. Mayer co-authored the report, which found that “gender identity” is not removed from biological sex. In other words, a man cannot be born in a woman’s body, or vise-versa.

If you are a female, and you feel male, it doesn’t automatically make you a male, and likewise, if you are male and you feel female, it doesn’t make you a female, that is basic biology.

Examining research from the biological, psychological, and social sciences, this report shows that some of the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence,” prefaced the report. “The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex — that a person might be ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ — is not supported by scientific evidence,” stated the researchers. The researchers took particular issue with the transgender push on our youth, concluding that most children grow out of any gender confusion. McHugh and Mayer refuted the alleged benefits of delayed puberty therapies, hormone treatments or surgical modifications for children and cautioned against encouraging our youth to “become transgender.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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