12 Important Questions About Vaccines That Challenge The Narrative Of Vaccines Being Healthy

Here are 12 questions that should raise some concerns and challenge the common left-wing media narrative of vaccines being healthy.

#1: If measles vaccines confirm measles immunity then why do already vaccinated children have anything to fear with the measles outbreak?

#2: If vaccines work so well then why did merck viralologist file a False Claims Act with the US government describing the astonishing scientific fraud of how Merck faked its vaccine results to trick the FDA well?

#3: If vaccines don’t have any links to autism then why did the top CDC scientists openly confess to the CDC committing scientific fraud by selectively omitting clinical trial data after the fact in order to obscure an existing link between vaccines and autism?

#4: If vaccines are so incredibly safe then why does the vaccine industry need absolute legal immunity from all harm caused by its products?

#5: If vaccines work so well to prevent disease then why do some vaccines like the chickenpox vaccine openly admit that they can cause the spread of chickenpox?

#6: If vaccines are so great for public health and why do these historical public health charts show nearly all the declines in the effect infectious diseases taking place before vaccines arrived on the scene?

#7: If vaccines are perfectly safe then why did at least 13 people recently died in Italy after being vaccinated?

#8: If vaccines are so trustworthy then why did a pro-vaccine company in Africa recently discovered to its shock and horror that vaccines being given to young African women were secretly laced with abortion chemicals?

#9: If vaccines are backed by solid science then why do some vaccine inserts openly admit they are backed by no clinical trials there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccinating with flu level the flu vaccine?

#10: If vaccines are so safe then why does this vaccine insert admit that girasol vaccine causes acute respiratory illness in babies who consume the breast milk of mothers who have been vaccinated?

#11: If vaccines are so safe then why does this guard a cell insert she did admit that the vaccine causes seizure-like activity headache fever nausea and dizziness and can even cause those injected with the vaccine to lose consciousness and fall resulting in injury will treat this but side effects are that you might die?

#12: If vaccines are so safe, then why did 23 elderly people in Norway die after getting fevers, nausea, and diarrhea, all after taking a COVID-19 vaccine?

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